The Hubs (20-23/08/19) are a series of workshops and masterclasses where upcoming artists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany work on their skills and performances, together with experienced coaches. In the Ambiorixkazerne, we work on 3 hip hop disciplines: music, street art and dance. Students in Studio Techniques make sure the participants have the highest quality of audio recording.

The results of the Hubs will be showcased during the festival and on different stages in the Euregio.



KAER - Festival Director/Recruiter & Coach Music Hubs

Kaer is our Hip Hub Hooray festival director. He was a member of Belgium’s most famous rap collective in the late 90’s and early 2000’s named Starflam. He gained a lot of experience engaging with the Belgian and French rap scene, and worked his way up to this new career challenge. Coaching the likes of Jeanjass & Caballero, Hamza and Miss Angel, he has one foot in today’s urban scene and one foot in the Hip Hub Hooray project. Not only is he crucial for the line-up and strategy of the festival, he also picks out fresh acts from Wallonia to participate in our Music Hubs. He coordinates the process of the Hubs and works on a show that will be showcased on the festival.

DOOKIE - Recruiter & Coach Music Hubs

Dookie is one of the most credible guys when it comes to hip hop in Dutch Limburg. Rapping in both English and Dutch, this man knows what it takes to record a good track and build a reputation. That’s why he’s an important part of rap collective Het Verzet.
Last year he picked some up-and-coming acts, whose talent left everybody stunned in the Hubs.

We’re already curious to see who he takes with him this year!

BISHOP T - Recruiter Music Hubs

Coming fresh out of Aachen, Michael Ojede is all about smiles and good vibes. He’s responsible for bringing in the cool new acts from Aachen, providing a third language for our participants to experiment with. Have you ever heard a track with German, Dutch and French-speaking artists on it? It’s possible at Hip Hub Hooray thanks to guys like Michael, who are more than happy to breach barriers like they
don’t exist.

JEWELS - Recruiter Music Hubs

Having built a reputation for himself with organizing events like Karaat and playing 
DJ-sets on Pukkelpop & Woo Hah, he takes joy in bringing people together. Jewels acknowledges the importance of collaborations and thinks the future of hip hop is multilingual. Always being fascinated by these collaborations, he sees a big opportunity for Hip Hub Hooray in the festival landscape, which bring together young hip hop creatives in the Euregio.


RAENYS - Recruiter & Coach Street Art Hubs

A big man with a big heart for urban street culture. Engaging with the youth of Heerlen, he stands close to the guys who define what street art is. Self-expression and inclusion are values that are important to both Hip Hub Hooray and Raenys. With HeerlenMurals he offers a platform to young spray painters in Heerlen, and we encourage him to expand this platform further in the Euregio.

KURT - Recruiter Street Art Hubs

Hailing from Hasselt! Kurt Bosmans is an OG that has roots in DJ’ing and spray
painting. He was at the forefront of street art in Belgian Limburg during the late 80’s, while in the 90’s he made a documentary about graffiti, organized events and opened up a shop where he engaged close with young artists. Now he organizes the longest running street art festival in the Benelux. Happy to have you on board, Kurt!

MICHAEL - Recruiter & Coach Street Art Hubs

Michael Nicolaï is the coordinator of Spray Can Arts, a hip hop organization in Liège active since 2003. They engage in street art, breakdance, rap, DJ’ing and more creative outlets around hip hop. Organizing multiple activities that contribute to the local scene like concerts and expositions, Spray Can Arts takes up the role to connect a crowd to young creators and launch their careers.

JAMEL - Recruiter & Coach Dance Hubs

Jamel Benchegra is a bboy from Liège who has quite an arsenal of tricks up his
sleeve. He dances different styles himself and brings dancers from different scenes together with his events. He involves in a lot of projects as an MC, host and organizer which makes him the perfect coach for our dance Hubs. 

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